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Best Vacuum under 100$ of 2016 | is it worth?


In this article, we have provided you a cheap vacuum which suit at your budget and there is no compromise about the work, product. Yes, we have researched and found some of the best vacuum under 100$. The decision is based on the customers to look at the features for their home cleaning criteria but need to check their budget as well. Only high price products don’t give quality cleaning, some of the cheap vacuum cleaners are also do but you need to choose wisely based on your requirements. This will save your money.




There are so many models are available in market with different types like Upright, Canister, Handheld, Robotic, Central and Stick/Quick. Some of the models come with Bagged, Bagless and Refurbished features. It depends upon the users to choose which model, feature they want but we provide here with all the options and reviews to select the best one. Family members mostly prefer High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) feature because it reduces the health related problems like asthma, allergies etc., and here the safety is an first priority not about money.


In the article we are talking about cheap, new vacuum features but you will find used vacuum as well in many websites but is it really reliable? Then do you think that why people are searching best vacuum under 100 bucks. People have some budget to get an good deal on that and save huge money, nobody avoid good deals right? And you may know that cheap vacuum cleaners not only do good work but it works for so many years.


What are the things to consider cheap vacuums?


  •       Quality Model with Brand Seller
  •       Choose Hybrid Model
  •       Four Star Ratings
  •       Size of your home
  •       Our Expect Reviews


In this section we are going to provide you with all different types of model vacuums with 100 bucks.


Best Upright Vacuums Model


Upright model are very easy to use from all age people and no need to bend while cleaning. Because the model is an upright position and comes with bagged / bagless options. This model stands tall and have handle to push the vacuum. Most uprights type have hose, on-board tools etc., to typically reach hard places like cleaning furniture.



Some of the additional features such as bare height adjustments, brush on/off switches and on board cleaning tools makes more versatile to use very effective cleaning larger areas in home but still a challenge in cleaning stairs.


Which type of Vacuum is better – Bagless or Bagged?


There is no vacuum better than the others. Bagged vacuum fills debris in the bag and lose its cleaning effectiveness, bag need to change when it gets full for good cleaning performance. Bagless have open unit and remove the full bin. Empty the bin into trash by pull pre-filter. Reassemble all those parts and good to go, while doing this wear a mask. The choice is really depends on the user personal experience.


My Recommend Models:


Hoover WindTunnel 2 High Capacity Bagless UH70801PC



Hoover comes with very good reliable vacuum cleaner in this model with two superior suctions power.




  •       Good set of attachments like turbo tool, dusting brush and extension wand
  •       Reusable water filter with HEPA filtration
  •       Dual Cyclone filter system
  •       Adjustable heights with different positions
  •       Empty dust bin easily
  •       Weight 1.2 lbs
  •       2years warranty




  •       Heavy Weight
  •       Difficult to assemble


Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless UH70120


The is the one of the best selling vacuum and it has T-Series Plus as an brand come with Green Color with sleeking design. This product comes with pre-assembled mode.






  •       HEPA Filtration
  •       Bagless with capacity 0.65 gallons
  •       No Scuff Bumper
  •       12 AMPS Motor of suction power
  •       Weights 16.5 lbs
  •       27 ft retractable cord
  •       2 years warranty




  •       Comparatively lightweight
  •       Pet hair stuck in canister


Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind Bagless 1332



Bissell cleanview vacuum comes with red color. It have Cord rewind, triple action brush and Multi-cyclonic




  •       25 feet rewindable power cord
  •       HEPA with multi level filtration
  •       Weight of 17.4 lbs
  •       10 amp powerful motor for suction




  •       Not best choice for stairs
  •       Lot of beds


Best Handheld Model


Handheld models are mini-vacuum and it is suitable for stairs, outdoors, pets and cars. Most properly this type is used to clean mess or spill spots and it increase the mobility and versatility. These models come with corded / cordless based on the purpose you will select the choice. Cordless usually used into outdoors, garage and party in the lawn but you need to choose more rechargeable batteries for this model. Cord mode used in staircase, carpet area with huge cord attached into it, have the options for wet and dry.


Eureka Rapid Clean Step Corded 41A


Eureka’s most popular brand is rapid clean and most successful for staircase cleaning. Also use for pet hair, outdoors, car and upholstery etc., in some hotels they are using to clean tables.






  •       6 amps power motor for good suction
  •       Weights 6 lbs
  •       One year warranty
  •       Cord measure 25 ft. to clean radius upto 28 ft
  •       Special brush to clean bare floors
  •       Bagless and washable filters




  •       Bit heavier than cordless vac
  •       Unable to remove bottom plate for clean


Best Cordless Stick Model


Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle (SV1106)



The market is growing for cordless cleaning vacuum and this model SV1106 is an outstanding, come up with 10.8v battery to work for long hours




  •       29 gallons cup, easy to remove
  •       Weight 7.5 lbs
  •       2 cleaning mode
  •       One year warranty




  •       Frequent empty, dust bin is small
  •       No attachments like nooks, crannies


Best Canister Model


Other popular model in the market is Canister; you can use these in stairs and move between from one room to another. Canister Vacuums are low ground with long hose on the end. As you clean need to pull the canister behind you. This model easy to cleaning hard to reach all the places in floors surfaces.


To know More---- vacuumhunt


Bissell Zing Bagged 4122


Canister comes with huge radius and looks great purple color, bagged with lot of power. It cleans for stairs, curtains, auto interiors and upholstery. Automatic cord for quick clean with the push bottom.




  •       Handle multi-surface floor
  •       Indicate the light if the dust is full
  •       17 ft power cord
  •       Automatically rewinds
  •       Long cards reach upto ceilings
  •       1 year warranty




  •       Not for Carpet, No Attachment
  •       Wheels doesn’t roll very well


Best Stick Model


Stick models are come with upright mode but no extra attachment for accessories. Uprights modes don’t run on batteries, all are lightweight with cordless models. I would recommend this type of models because it’s cheap, powerful to cleaning your requirement. Best alternative for brooms.


Hoover Corded Cyclonic SH20030


It’s very useful to quick pick-ups on bare floors as well and reaches hard places under furniture and corner. Wind tunnel technology removes dirt and scatter on carpet, wide cleaner to suck larger debris.




  •       Well on all the surfaces
  •       2 amps power with good suction
  •       8 lbs weights only
  •       20 feet power cord
  •       2 year warranty




  •       Only good for dust and carpets
  •       After one year make unusual noises


Dirt Devil Simple-Stik Corded Bagless SD20000


Dirt Devil is a very damn cool model come with very low price. This is a one step solution for convenient cleanups, hard to reach cushions, baseboard, under sofa and corner surface.




  •       Pretty good red color
  •       Multi-purpose cleaner
  •       25 amp motor power
  •       8 lbs weight
  •       Use an stick or handheld




  •       Not worked in carpet as excepted
  •       Make Noise


VonHaus 600W HEPA Sponge Filtration


This stick vacuum cleaner comes with an Orange color and attaches many tools like outdoor, floor care equipment, storage shelves etc., The HEPA and Sponge filtration system lock into small particles to prevent spread of allergies and bacteria.




  •       130 watts air suction
  •       2 in 1 use as an handheld, stick
  •       HEPA filtration with sponge
  •       18 feet power cord
  •       Work at multiple surfaces like carpets and hardwood
  •       Crevice tool, small brush




  •       Scratched the Wood floors
  •       Dirt or grain doesn’t sucked up in the plastic housing


BISSELL Power Edge Pet Corded 81L2A


Bissell is an one of the famous brand in vacuum cleaners without this we can’t end our best vacuum under 100 bucks so here we talk about Power Edge Pet. This model captures dirt and debris in corners in the tight surface without any attachments.





  •       V shaped nozzle with Innovative suction technology
  •       1 lbs lightweight
  •       Work in hardwood floors, pet hair
  •       Bagless easy empty dirt cup
  •       1 year warranty
  •       20’ Power Cord




  •       Cord is too short
  •       Small dust cup fill quickly


Dirt Devil Power Air Corded SD20505


The Dirt Devil model has quick pickup in the hard floors for home. This is an energetic brand for complete cleaning solutions and trust values. Low Profile Nozzle cleaning under the furniture and give fresh breeze air.




  •       Lightweight design
  •       20 feet cord length
  •       Powerful suction
  •       10 Amp motor
  •       11 inc cleaning path
  •       Bagless convenience
  •       Cyclonic filtration




  •       Plastic casing
  •       Replacement of dirt cup



Best Vacuum For Stairs


When you have a home with carpeted stairs, you often have a problem with trying to carry that major cleaner you have up the stairs one by one touse the line tool so that you can clean the stairs. You will find much simpler by buying a style that is exclusively made for stairs ways to try this, exclusively. These are typically cordless or with longer cords, smaller vacuums, and lightweight therefore it is easily portable.

Top 3 Machine for Steps out there

  • DARK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac
  • Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum
  • Black BDH9600CHV 9.6V Cordless Hand Vac

Choosing the Best Vacuum for Stairs depends on a few different things. One is how much weight you may bring. Some are lighter-weight than others, although they are all light. You will also need to contemplate how much traffic these steps get. You might not require something as highpowered as if you do frequently employed stairs, if they are only attic stairs with small traffic.

As you can use frequent vacuums to completely clean your steps, why risk damaging your back in so doing or risking other injury. Step vacuums can have several uses including spot cleaning smaller messes as opposed to taking out your regular hoover to just do one spot and are usually inexpensive.

Best Type of Cleaner for Stairs

Vacuum cleaner's top kind to-use to your stairs is a portable range. While other may establish their use for steps, some are merely typical portable cleaners. Automotive portable vacuums can also be useful for steps, however they can be more costly while handhelds are usually affordable.

You need to try to find something which is easily portable, along with a thing that is lightweight. These would be the finest cleaner for stairs, particularly when you've a staircase that is longer. That you do not always require one-with a line and attachments that are particular, nevertheless these might occasionally offer a greater clear than others. This really is actually just centered on personal choice.

Benefits of Using a Stair Cleaner

There are of utilizing a step cleaner that is portable several features. Here are a couple to using one of the strengths:


These little cleaners could save lots of time. To begin with, you may not need to worry about hauling a full size vacuum up the steps every several measures to attain them all. This is a large amount of downtime when you proceeding and are currently ending. You can even work with a vacuum that is modest to scrub messes that are little up to save time. It's better to simply seize a handheld cleaner to pick a mess that is tiny up, in the place of environment that around tidy up one mess and wheeling out your full size machine.

Simple to Use

Stairway vacuums are light and user friendly. Which means everyone can quickly use this item without too much of a struggle. You also don't must worry about losing parts.


In addition to utilizing these items for stairs and small messes throughout the house, you can even utilize it in several other areas. Did you merely pour sugar all over the counter? This is often a really useful device. Do you need to wash out your car? One can be used by you there too.

Evaluations of the 3 cleaner for you

1. DARK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac

This model of Dark & Decker handheld vacuums can also be cordless. It has a good charge engineering that helps protect your machine along with keeping long-run situations for several years after the initial purchase. It offers and has a powerful purpose fade-free energy. The nozzle could switch, to help you make the most of one's portable, and enabling you to genuinely enter those tight spots. This item can hold a charge for 1 5 years when off the charger. The bagless dust serving is easy to remove and vacant.


What's unique about its charger, is the fact that you're able to keep the machine on the charger and destroying the battery. When the battery is fully-charged, allowing for this object to really have a long life of applied and preserving your battery the charger will immediately shut off.

This style also includes parts to maximise its cleansing power. The normal use nozzle is shaped in this means that it might actually enter into areas that were tiny to obtain a better clean. There is a comb to aid carpeted areas and clear upholstery. The broader mouth can help you will get a maximum region room to really get a thorough clean. Furthermore, it has soil cup and a filter, which preserves you of experiencing to buy filters, income.

While is design might be more costly than others of its type, you get somewhat more once you spend a little more. Reasons is why this is actually the # 1 vendor of its type. The energy is extraordinary, especially considering the proven fact that it's cordless, and also this is often as a result of the extra-effective lithiumion battery. Lithiumion batteries gives the power, along with long-lasting suction to utilize the piece for lengthy stretches of time required and are effective.

The light dynamics, in conjunction with its power, makes the selection that is perfect for utilizing on perhaps the most high traffic staircases. Between attachments and the nozzle, you can actually go into every crevice on your own steps without lacking a single defeat. You're not limited by where you can use this, to help you merely clear consistent asneeded since it is cordless.

By its customers, this cleaner comes highly recommended as a result of most these advantages. It is worth every penny, since it is a long lasting piece of equipment that may work with many years ahead. You will not regret this purchase.

2. Eureka EasyClean Attached Hand-Held 71B, Vacuum

This design, created from the business Eureka, presents solid suction with a stretchable line that's versatile enough to become found in vehicles, on furniture like couches, along with on stairs. It's one which works together the brush to aid get a deep clean, 2 motors, whilst the additional centers on suctioning the loosened up up dust and particles. It comes with a crevice tool connection as well as a Riser Peak for carpeted steps. It's a bagless filter having a detachable plastic cup to dump out the chaos. It's a 20ft cord and weighs around 5 pounds.



This is a remarkably powerful handheld cleaner. The cable allows you the freedom to maneuver around, as well as up to 3 times its measurement can be stretched by the hose. This machine is strong enough for also probably the most high traffic stairs in your house. This effective equipment, with its two generators that are specific, can get perhaps the darkest soil from the rug with great simplicity.

After a few years, which will be one if its biggest disadvantages, this machine could possibly get quite heavy at 5 lbs. It's conveniently located switches when using the item to get into them quickly. The plastic-cup is simply eliminated and put back on, and may store a significant quantity of dust before requiring a dump. The suction is incredible, particularly when you take into account this item's price.

For this item's energy, it may be much quieter than almost every other vacuums. This is a plus when you are cleansing in a car or in stairs that are enclosed. As it will help take it easy actually one of the most stuck pieces of contaminants and dirt the rotating brush has to be its finest feature. When found in combination of the quite potent, and specialized, generator for your suction, your actions will never have already been solution. Because it has ever been, coupled with the light dynamics with this item, washing your stairs can be as easy.

This could bring about how powerful and long lasting this cleaner is though another disadvantage is that it's grounded and there may be some limits in how far you can use it. This can be a fantastic solution for everybody to use to completely clean their steps, and also the price is for that which you get out of it, extraordinary.

3. Black BDH9600CHV 9.6V Cordless Hand Vac

This product can be a cordless selection, allowing you the freedom to go where you need to withit even if a there is no store around. It's a 2 stage filtration system, that is there to hold the filter obvious together with maintaining the suction strong. It has a charging stand/wall mount, gives a spot never to simply keep your machine to you but to cost it. The bowl are washable, which can help keep this piece ideal for sanitary and complete cleaning.


The cost for this item's power is irresistible. This is a strong machine, which may be surprising given that it is a cordless style. Do not let the battery trick you; this cleaner can handle almost something that you toss at it. You truly get your money’s worth once you purchase this Black Cordless Hand Vac. Because it features a filter, and also this saves you money from having to get filters as necessary. You are saved money by another method the product? You fix this product and can easily buy replacement components yourself, instead of buy a new machine. Money is saved by this machine.

For many messes, this vacuum has you protected. Did you pour material within the kitchen while cooking? This machine has you included. Did you receive kitty litter all-over an area on the ground? This machine can handle that. The only thing that this vacuum does appear to have issues picking up is puppy hair, which if you don't have animals that shed or do not have animals, this will not become a challenge for you personally.

The battery can generally keep around 12-15 minutes of use that is constant simply, and is quite long-lasting. You do have to be informed these varieties of batteries can be ruined if billed too frequently. In case it is just used by you to get a couple of minutes and fixed it to charge immediately, it will keep in mind that little period of time charge, and you will risk obtaining the player never charge absolutely in case you continuously do this.

Total, for that cost, you cannot overcome on the grade of this cleaner. It's quiet compared to additional models effective, and extremely lightweight. Since it is cordless, it's basically endless flexibility. This can be absolutely a fantastic choice to consider for the family requirements and absolutely together of the best machine to your property.

Just how to Buy the Finest Machine for Stairs

These are a few ideas to assist you to know for when you are thinking of buying a cleaner specifically for cleaning steps, what to look:


A crucial point to consider in a cleaner for stairs is to uncover a thing that is an excellent quality machine which will get the job done, since normally there is no position in obtaining it. Look for cleaners with suction and powerful generators.


The element for when investing in a vacuum for that stairs, to look will be to look for a vacuum that could simply maneuver the stairs around. You want anything to completely clean the risers along with the crevices and edges that stairs need to hide dirt. Without this, the machine is advantageous to you personally.


You will wish something that is lightweight unless you are using the time you're paying cleansing to multitask as workout period. Some possibilities may be upwards to 7 pounds, while additional options are right around 3-5 pounds. Don't allow the proven fact that there is a cleaner lightweight trick you; often it's just like potent as its brethren that are more heavy.


Handhelds will be the strategy to use here, because they are lightweight and powerful little products offering all you could need to manage your steps, together with little messes and cleaning your furniture.


Are you currently able to purchase accessories for the Eureka hose?

Accessories can be purchased by you for that hose at some home improvement stores, in addition to online.

Could you utilize these on wood steps?

Particular types may require you to buy a dust brush connection to be used on wood floor stairs, although yes you'll be able to.

Will be the filters simple to clean?

The filters are incredibly easy-to clear. You're able to take out them and spray the filter using a sink line, and it should take care of many soil within the filter.

How do these cleaners do with dog hair?

This can rely on the patient cleaner. Pet hair will be handled by some much better. Some are designed for certain kinds of not others and dog hairs. Some will not do much for pet hair in any respect. It can be very important to see the client evaluations to determine what their experiences are.

How often do you want to restore the filter?

Before you will need a replacement as it can certainly be washed regularly, it could take months if not years. That is centered on how usually you use your vacuum. Be after cleaning it sure, that you just let it dried totally before you put it back to your cleaner.

Do they have HEPA filters?

Many don't have HEPA filters, though you may be able to find types that do. Study will be required by this for you.

For Investing in A Vacuum & Tricks tips

Here are a few recommendations on purchasing a vacuum:


This can be significant when creating any purchase. You intend to be sure and that means you must research several alternatives that are different that you may spend your money wisely. Read the consumer reviews, and not just the first site, to acquire a feel for this product and its quality. When buying a product, this is exceptionally beneficial.

Cordless or Extended Cord

Ideally, there will be a cordless alternative the way as it is easy when compared to a grounded one to go. Some might state that the cordless varieties have not a much more energy than a grounded handheld. This is primarily a preferential factor. Choose one-with a truly long cord to actually provide you with the freedom you have to clear your steps should you decide on a grounded selection.


Essentially, a bagless selection should be chosen by you. As you do not have to keep getting replacement bags, this is a huge money saver. Most portable choices have dust glasses and filters which can be washable.


For washing your steps, choosing the correct cleaner is vital, not only to find the best clear but to produce it simple on yourself and your body. Rather than risking damage utilizing your total-sized cleaner for these duties, you're able to utilize a potent yet lightweight choice to allow you to fulfill your cleansing goals. Plus, these alternatives are extremely functional and very cheap. You need to use these handhelds for cleaning furniture, automobiles, and small messes along with your steps.